Useful information about CERN:

  • Instructions on how to get to CERN can be found here.
  • A3 map of the Meyrin site (with road names and building numbers) can be found here.
  • A zoomed map of the Meyrin site with directions to get from CERN entrance to the room for the welcome drink is here.

Money and Communication

Currency and exchange rate
CERN straddles the Swiss and French border and so the restaurants and shops on site will accept either Euros or Swiss Francs (though they have a preference for the latter). Geneva is the nearest city and easiest place to reach for shopping and sightseeing and there you will need Swiss Francs although major shops accept Euros and credit cards.

CERN Post Office
The post office has

• a complete financial service (payments, orders, post office accounts)

• a mailing service

• other services (Publifax, phone cards, telegrams, stamp collectors' service, telephone booths, packet kit sales service).


Building 63 (Main Building)

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 1:45 pm to 4:30 pm

Telephone: 022-767 27 98

Fax: 022-782 44 06

BANK and Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) Available 24 hours a day.


There is a branch of the Union de Banques Suisses SA on the CERN site (Bldg. 500). It provides the full range of normal banking services such as over-the-counter operations, consultancy and sales (loans, investment and back-up services) and also Swiss Franc and Euro cash dispensers, with a very wide credit card range.

Bank office hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Telephone: 022-783 21 88 or 022-783 21 84 (Bldg. 500)

Fax: 022-783 21 69

Public phones using both cards and coins, are located in the Main Building (Bldg. 500), in the Post Office, in the hostels (Bldg. 38 and 39), etc.

Phone cards can be purchased at the Post Office (Bldg. 63), and at the newspaper stand (Bldg. 501-Main Building)

Using the telephone:

For calling on site, use only the last five digits of the phone number (e.g. 72431 instead of 76-72431).

Breakfast and Lunch

A Restaurant is available on site, where you can have breakfast and lunch.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 07:00 am – 01:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday: 07.00 - 23.00

Prices range from 10 to 20 CHF.

Souvenirs and Chocolate shop

The shop, located in Bldg. 501, is open from 7:00 am to 5:15 pm (Monday to Friday).

You can buy cigarettes, Swiss chocolate, newspapers, postcards, etc.

Transport from CERN to Geneva Airport (shuttle bus)

A shuttle bus runs every day from CERN to Geneva Airport from the steps of the Main Building (Bldg. 501) at 17h00.


Geneva Tourist Information:


The Old City

Hidden away in the Old City's picturesque narrow streets you'll find a multitude of art galleries, antique shops, bookshops and charming cafés. Leading off from the Cathedral, cobbled streets and connecting passageways entice you to stroll around the Bourg-du-Four, along the Promenade de la Treille or the Terrasse Agrippa d'Aubigné.

Parks and Lakeside

525 acres of public parks to relax in. As you walk along the quays from the Botanical Gardens, past the Flower Clock and the Water Jet all the way round to the beautiful rose gardens in the Parc des Eaux-Vives and the Parc de la Grange, all Geneva's different facets will unfold before you - from its gardens and buildings to the Lake.


All sorts of shops from small boutiques (in the Rue du Rhône neighbourhood and the Corraterie, in the Old City) to department stores in the Rue de la Confédération, de la Croix d'Or, du Marché ("downtown") and Coutance.

You can change money in the main Geneva banks, stations and foreign exchange offices.


Geneva has many restaurants, brasseries and cafés. Most of the museums and department stores have cafeterias as well: Le Barocco at the Musée d'art et d'histoire and the café de l'Ariana Museum are particularly charming.



Further Information on Geneva

Arcade d'information de la Ville de Genève

Pont de la Machine 1

1204 Genève

Tél. +41 (0) 22-311 99 70

Closed on Sundays

Office du Tourisme

Rue du Mont-Blanc 18

1201 Genève

Tél. +41 (0) 22-909 70 00

Closed on Sundays from 1 September to 15 June.

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